Mark Kramer et al. (eds.)

The Fate of Communist Regimes, 1989-1991

The project “The Fate of Communist Regimes, 1989-1991” was intended to produce a comprehensive reassessment of the collapse of the Eastern bloc and the Soviet Union. For this project, all the relevant CPSU Central Committee records stored at the Russian State Archive for Contemporary History (RGANI) have been made available. The undertaking was a cooperative project with many research institutions and supported by the Austrian-Russian Historical Commission. A broad research network of internationally renowned historians of the Cold War was working together to produce a more complete and nuanced picture of these momentous events.

The outcome of the scholarly cooperation are three volumes of scholarly essays in English that will appear in the Harvard Cold War Studies Book Series:

Vol. 1: „East-Central Europe and the Warsaw Pact“
Vol. 2: „Western Countries, Neutral European States, and the Collapse of the Soviet Bloc“
Vol. 3: „The Dissolution of the USSR and the Survival of Communist Regimes in Asia and Latin America“